MTSC Rec Weather Protocol


As the Head Coach, you ultimately can make the call on whether to cancel. There will be times where MTSC does a mass closing of the fields (which I would communicate to you), but anything short of downpour or obvious situations, it is up to you.

That said, here are some guidelines:

  1. Previous or current thunder and lightning, or imminent threat of – cancel

*Remember: If lightning is sighted, EVERYONE must clear the fields until 30 minutes after the last sighting.  You are welcome to wait out the storm, but players must take cover during the 30 minute waiting period.

2) Current strong and heavy down pour – strongly suggested to cancel

3) Previous strong and steady rain that saturated field (4-6hrs worth of previous steady rain;

field soaked) – if Manheim Township Parks and Rec or MTSC did not close fields, I encourage you to get the game in.

4) Light rain or any other variation except 1-3, I encourage you to get the game in.

U6, U7, and U8:

1) You can make the call up until 1 hour of game time, since you are always playing another MT

team and there are no refs involved.

2) Please contact your opposing coach and have a discussion on what you want to do.

3) 1hr prior gives parents plenty of time to shift gears.

4) In obvious situations you can cancel earlier than 1hr prior.

(List available with U6-U8 Coaches email addresses)

U10, U12, U15, and U19:

1) All cancellations need to happen 2hrs prior to game time per LAGS and LYBSA protocol.

2) If you are playing AWAY, it is the AWAY team’s prerogative to make the call on cancellation (since it is their home field).

Please contact the AWAY coach and discuss what THEY want to do.

3) If you are playing HOME, it is your call.

4) If you decide to cancel, you need to email me and cc’ Dave Miller at

your intention to cancel. He will contact the ref and make sure that is taken care of.

I may not always be readily available Saturday and Sunday mornings to make game time decisions

with you.  Take the time to think through your process now.

Make up games are very, very challenging to get in.  Please keep that in mind when opting to cancel.