Youth soccer is for the players. All parents associated with the Manheim Township Soccer Club (Rec and Lancaster Elite) are invited to share in the pleasure of watching their children participate in the world’s most popular sport, so long as their behavior does not distract the players and officials from the free flow of play, which is the trademark of the sport. MTSC and Lancaster Elite is a Club that prides itself on having respectful and engaged families, and we ask that parents and guardians continue to adhere to these guidelines. A parent or guardian should:

  • Foster an environment of respect for refereesplayerscoaches, and spectatorsof the opposing team through words of encouragement and support.
  • Applaud superior play, effort, and sportsmanship by players on both teams.
  • Support your coaches consistently, regardless of the results on the field. Coaches contribute many hours of their time to your children. They deserve your congratulations when the team wins and your encouragement when the team doesn’t.
  • Communicate any concerns to the coach at the appropriate time (recommended 24 hour cool off period) away from the playing location and players.

 A parent or guardian must:

  • Never use foul language or obscene gestures at a game or practice site.
  • Avoid comments, yelling and gestures that express disagreement with referee decisions.
  • Must NOT coach their player from the sideline. Let the Coach do the Coaching.
  • Never consume alcoholic beverages on the field location at practices or games.

 A parent or guardian understands that:

  • Any parent or spectator who fails to adhere to these standards will be required to leave the playing area, and play will be suspended until he or she does so.
  • MTSC and Lancaster Elite reserve the right to suspend or terminate a player’s enrollment for his or her parent’s persistent or extreme sideline misbehavior, and there will be no refunds of player fees in such cases.
  • Parents or guardians are responsible for their guests’ behavior and must inform their guests of the applicable rules of conduct.

Any breaches of this Code of Conduct can result in your child’s suspension and a member’s removal from MTSC and Lancaster Elite. Comments and behavior of any member which contradict the mission statement or disrupt the functioning of a team can result in the suspension and/or removal from MTSC and Lancaster Elite.