Intro Rules of Play Summary

Small Sided Games:

Game play parameters are set fourth by USYSA, our national governing body for youth soccer, by playing small sided games at the U8 age group and under. U6 plays 3v3 and and U7 and U8 play 4v4. Goalkeepers are introduced at the U8 level.


All coaches are volunteers who run the weekly training session and are on the field as a referee during the games. All coaches receive training resources by Club Technical Director, Chris Bair, which include a specific week by week curriculum with a focus on basic ball control, passing, and shooting. Coaches also training clinics to learn how to utilize the training program effectively and also review the basic rules of game play providing consistency throughout the program. The main objective of the Coach remains to be sure the players are having FUN.

Game Duration:

The game is divided into four quarters, with each quarter 12 minutes in length. A 1 minute pause of play exists between the first and second quarter and the third and fourth quarter. A 4 minute halftime exists between the second and third quarter.

Play Format:

All age groups use a size 3 ball.

  • U6 3v3
  • U7 4v4
  • U8 5v5 including keeper

Player Rotation:

Each player will rotate through each position on the field and have equal playing time.


Substitutions are free and unlimited at any stoppage of play.

Players Equipment:

  • A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to herself or another player (including all jewelry).
  • Shin guards must be worn under socks.
  • Soccer cleats (metal is not allowed) are recommended but not mandatory.
  • Matching jerseys to distinguish between teammates.

Starting and Restarting the Game:

Kickoff will occur at the center of the field. Opposing team must be at least 5 yards away from ball at kickoff.


Each team will provide a coach on the field to act as a referee.

Throw Ins:

  • U6 players are introduced to the throw in during the season. Children that struggle with this maneuver may kick the ball in from the throw in spot.
  • U7 throw ins used for any ball the goes over the sidelines.
  • U8 throw ins used for any ball the goes over the sidelines.

Goal Keepers:

There are no goalkeepers for U6 and U7 age groups. Players are encouraged to not stay stationary in front of the goal.

Goal Arc:

A painted arc exists in front of the goal for U6 and U7 age groups. Any ball that enters the arc may not be touched by any player (offense or defense) until it exits the arc. If the ball stops in the arc, a goal kick is awarded to the team defending that goal. Scoring* occurs when the ball is kicked into the goal.

*Score will not be kept or recorded at any time.

Goal Kicks and Corner Kicks:

If the defending team kicks a ball over their own endline, a corner kick is awarded where the sideline and endline meet. If the attacking team kicks the ball over the endline, a goal kick is awarded from anywhere around the arc.

Goal Kicks Retreat Policy:

In accordance with fair play, for every goal kick, the defending team must retreat to their own half of the field to allow the other team to bring the ball into play.

Free Kicks:

All infringements, such as tripping, deliberate hand ball, etc., are punished by an indirect free kick (where the ball must be touched by 2 players before a goal can be scored). Opposing players must be a minimum of 5 yards from the kick. No off sides or penalty kicks shall be awarded.


No cautions or send offs. If a player becomes “rambunctious”, a player substitution will be made until that player has calmed down.