MTSC and Lancaster Elite – COVID 19 Safety Plan

COVID-19 Update

In preparation of the Spring 2021 soccer season, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer wanted to give a brief update on the latest COVID-19 information as it relates to youth soccer. Please review our COVID-19 Response and 2021 Spring Season documents and the updates below.

  • All coaches, spectators, referees, players should wear masks at all times. The only time when players or referees do not have to wear masks during participation is if they meet an exception in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Order Requiring Universal Face Coverings. Section 3 of the Order provides an exception that allows an individual to remove their mask if wearing a face covering would either cause a medical condition, or exacerbate an existing one, including respiratory issues that impede breathing, a mental health condition or a disability. Proof of meeting the exception is not required. For fully vaccinated individual’s, masks should be worn in public places which includes soccer activities.
  • Reduction of quarantine duration for a “close contact” – For an individual who is considered a “close contact” with a COVID Positive case, quarantine should ideally be for 14 days from the last time they had contact with you; however, for individuals who do not develop symptoms, quarantine can end after Day 10 without testing or after Day 7 if a specimen collected on or after Day 5 tests negative on a diagnostic test (i.e., PCR, antigen). Symptoms should be monitored for a full 14 days.
  • Elimination out-of-state travel restrictions.  The state is no longer requiring that people who are traveling to Pennsylvania from another state, as well as Pennsylvania residents who are returning home from out of state, to test negative for the virus within 72 hours prior to arrival or quarantine.
  • Effective April 4th, revised maximum occupancy limits for indoor events to allow for 25% of maximum occupancy, regardless of venue size, and maximum occupancy limits for outdoor events to allow for 50% of maximum occupancy, regardless of venue size. Core public health measures such as face covering (mask-wearing), social distancing, and hand hygiene still must be enforced. Maximum occupancy is permitted only if attendees and workers are able to comply with the 6-foot physical distancing requirement.

This plan covers all Manheim Township Soccer Club (MTSC) and Lancaster Elite travel, recreational and intramural,
coaches, players and spectators while in the Green Phase of the STATE reopening plan. This plan remains in effect until
applicable restrictions are lifted, or we revert to an earlier stage (yellow, red).
Need to Know:
MTSC and Lancaster Elite have and will continue to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(“CDC”) and Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (“EPYSA”) recommended guidelines to help
protect players, coaches and spectators from the spread of COVID-19. We are and will continue to
require all MTSC and Lancaster Elite affiliated participants and spectators to comply with EPYSA and the
CDC’s updated guidelines, along with applicable government requirements and executive orders.
MTSC and Lancaster Elite will also abide by any additional rules set for by our local governing bodies,
Central Penn Youth Soccer League “CPYSL” and Lancaster Area Recreational Soccer “LARS”.
How COVID-19 Spreads:
According to the CDC, the virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person.
 Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet).
 Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks.
 These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled
into the lungs.
 Some recent studies have suggested that COVID-19 may be spread by people who are not
showing symptoms.
It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it
and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. This is not thought to be the main way
COVID-19 spreads, but health officials are still learning more about COVID-19.
How to Remain Healthy: The following are best practices and must be understood by all MTSC and
Lancaster Elite coaches, players and spectators. Parents are encouraged to cover these items with their players.

Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20+ seconds especially after you have been in a
public shared space, or after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.
o All players and coaches should wash their hands both prior to practice and when they return
home from practice

 If soap and water are not readily available, use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
o Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they feel dry.
o Parents/guardians shall provide their players with hand sanitizer or wipes to be kept with the
player for use if needed during practices and games settings.

 Avoid contact with people who are known to be sick.
 Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth at all times during practices and games.
 Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands with
soap and water for 20+ seconds (if soap and water are not readily available, use hand sanitizer that
contains at least 60% alcohol).
 No sharing of water, snacks or equipment
 No shaking hands, high fives, fist bumps, hugs, etc.
 Refrain from carpooling unless necessary.
 Social Distancing – stay 6 feet apart when possible during camps, training sessions and games.
 Minimize contact with others/other teams before, during and after each session.

When to REPORT:
MTSC and Lancaster Elite – COVID 19 Safety Plan
 Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
o Coaches shall be responsible for maintaining equipment and wiping down/washing/disinfecting
equipment after each practice/game.
 Balls (coaches should collect balls and place in bags)
 Pinnies (recommended avoiding use until restrictions are lifted. If used, must be washed
after every practice) Pinnies may not be shared among players.

o Only coaches may touch or move equipment. Players/Parents may not touch or move equipment.
Coaches will be responsible for spacing and cleaning up of equipment.

 Face masks/covers must be worn
o Coaches and spectators from the time of leaving their vehicle until returning and throughout
training sessions and games
o Players when not involved in soccer activities or on the sidelines. A player may wear a mask during
activity at the parents’ or player’s discretion

If an incident is reported:
 If a player has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, parents need to inform immediately. If the team* has
met, the team* should be put on hold until more information is provided.
 If a player falls ill, a medical professional must determine if it is Covid-19. The team* will be put on hold until
test results are provided and player is cleared to be safe to return to play.
 If a player tests positive for Covid-19, the team* must quarantine for 14 days. The positive player must get
written permission from medical professional that it is safe for them to return.
 If a game player tests positive for Covid-19, the club they played in last two weeks must be notified
 If a player’s family member should test Covid-19 positive, the club contact should be informed immediately,
player should be quarantined for 14 days at a minimum. It will be up to the club’s discretion as to when the
player should return to the team.
 If a team* should be required to quarantine, the suspected/ill player involved will not have their name
released to protect their privacy.
*NOTE: “team” includes the coaching staff, and if the coach coaches more than 1 team, their other team is also
required to follow procedures.
Parents must promptly notify their respective program Director and Club President if any of the following are true:
(NOTE: Only parents/guardians are to inform the coach of an illness or exposure, not the player.)
 Player has been tested and confirmed to have contracted COVID-19.
 Player is symptomatic and recommended to isolate (by healthcare provider or public health official).
 Player has had significant exposure to person or persons confirmed to have contracted COVID-19.
 Player has recently traveled to or through any other country.
 Player lives in the same household with a person or persons who have been ordered to quarantine by a healthcare
 If a player feels ill
 If a player records a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher
 Outside of season
o If a player has contact with a Covid-19 positive person within the first two weeks before practice starts,
they must quarantine until two weeks have elapsed. Return to the team will be up to the club’s discretion.
o If a player falls ill within a week of the season ending, parents should contact the club Covid-19 contact.

These guidelines are also to be followed by all coaches.

Boys Elite Director: Felix Paden (
Girls Elite Director: Dan Mulholland (
MTSC Rec Director: Erin Pyott (
MTSC President: Duane D’Orazio (

MTSC and Lancaster Elite – COVID 19 Safety Plan
MTSC and Lancaster Elite must ensure:
 A temporary suspension of general soccer activity associate with the team where exposure or positive
results occurred.
 Conduct deep cleaning of equipment associated with the team in question.
 Player/Coaches who are ill with a fever or acute respiratory symptoms do not return to the field of play
until the following occurs:
o Must be cleared by a medical professional to return to play. Return to play note is required and
must be signed by a medical professional.

MTSC and Lancaster Elite will notify all individuals to the best of our ability who had contact or were potentially
exposed to the individual who tested positive with COVID-19. This includes, players, parents, coaches and opposing
teams. Individual privacy WILL be maintained.

Pre-Work Out Screening:
Parent Responsibility: No player can attend practice or games if they are feeling sick or if they have a temperature of
100.4 or higher. Parents/guardians MUST ask their child the following questions before attending a ½ hour before
EACH practice or a game. If the answer is yes to any of the following the player must remain home. Fever or chills.
(Parents take temp. prior to practice/game and stay home if 100.4 or greater)
 Cough
 Sore Throat
 Shortness of Breath
 Loss of taste or smell
 Vomiting/Diarrhea
 Close contact with someone who is sick, or has been exposed to COVID-19
Coach Responsibility: As players arrive, coaches will inquire how they are feeling. If the player is ill or appears to be ill, the
coach will send the player home.
The player may not return to the team until:
 A medical provider/test determines otherwise and approves return to play is safe. Appropriate signed medical
return note/documentation must be shared with the coach to approve return to play.

Cloth Face Mask/Appropriate Face Coverings:
 Per EPYSA, coaches are required to cover their nose and mouth with a face mask or other appropriate
face-covering AT ALL TIMES during soccer activitie
 Players will be required to wear face mask/coverings at all times – to and from the field, during play,
when seated on the sidelines during games and during team meetings..
 Spectators MUST wear cloth face coverings or face shields when attending games or practices and
practice social distancing (Please wear face coverings or face shields upon leaving the car until
returning to the car). Spectators may be asked to leave if they are not following these guidelines.

MTSC and Lancaster Elite – COVID 19 Safety Plan
Social Distancing: The CDC defines social distancing as “remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass
gatherings and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet) from others when possible.” The following requirements
will be implemented to help enforce social distancing practices in both the practice and game settings.
 Coaches will be required to social distance from players at all times. This includes:
o During practice and drill demonstrations
o During games while on the sidelines.
o An injured player may be attended to by one coach if attention is needed. If the player’s parent is
available, and if requested by the coach, the parent may attend to the player. A face mask and gloves
MUST be worn if the coach is to attend to the player.

 Players
o Players will be required to maintain social distance at all times outside of drills or games where
contact is not required.
o Players will maintain social distance on sidelines or when seated. No benches will be used on the
sidelines. This will require players to be seated on the ground in game settings.
o Players must social distance during team meetings.
o No player contact, such as high-fives, fist bumps or celebrations involving physical contact at
practices or games.
o Players may only go onto the field once the coach arrives on the field to make sure players follow


 Players MUST bring their own clearly marked water bottle. Water bottles
MUST not be shared.

 Players are strongly encouraged to bring their own balls to practice.
 Team balls may be used for specific drills, but players should use their own equipment for individual
drills like foot skills.
 Goalie Gloves will not be provided by the club. Goalies must provide their own gloves, and gloves
must be sanitized before and after play and may not be shared among players.
 Parents to Provide: Parents must send the following items with their player to practices and
games. Players should bring their own equipment bags.
o 2 FACE MASK/COVERs – Must have available for practice and games. Players will not be
permitted to participate if they do not have a face cover.
o Hand Sanitizer/or Wipes – for player use before, during and after practices/games.
o Ball


Clearly Labeled Water bottle/drinks

Team Snacks:
 Team snacks are not permitted at this time.
Medical Kits:
 Medical kits will be supplied with gloves, extra masks, sanitizer/disinfectant wipes for hands and equipment,
and facial tissues. Coaches must insure that these items are stocked at all times.

MTSC and Lancaster Elite – COVID 19 Safety Plan
Returning to the Field:
In accordance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recreational and amateur sports can only operate in Green.
Sanctioned soccer activity can only take place in Green. MTSC Rec Soccer will not participate in soccer activities in the yellow
phase or red phase so the Stages only apply to the Lancaster Elite program.
The following stages apply to Lancaster Elite players only: As Lancaster County enters the Green phase, we will consider
returning our programs in the following Four Stage layout as provided by EPYSA. At any-time Lancaster County reverts to an
early PHASE, all soccer activity will be immediately suspended and only resume when the GREEN PHASE is reached again.
Intention of stages 1-3 progressing over a two to three-week period following Lancaster County entering the green phase.
 STAGE 1 Club members only. Strictly local, community based. Acclimate and reintegrate. Increasing
Risk. Smaller numbers. (single team practices, no contact, acclimation stage)
o Fields must be legally open
o Play is limited to our MTSC and Lancaster Elite Register players for the 2020/2021 season.
o Small group training permitted, no more than 25 per field, 1:9 ratio coach to player recommended.
o Car-pooling not recommended
o Social distancing required
o No activities with Body Contact
o Spectators not recommended to be at fields during practices
o Coaches must wear masks/face coverings. Players must wear masks when not engaged in activity.
 STAGE 2 Full teams may be integrated for training. Contact may be allowed. More Risk. Scrimmages may
be played internally with other teams within your club. Higher numbers. (normal single team practices, inner
club scrimmages).
o Full teams may be integrated for training.
o Body contact is allowed in training.
o Scrimmages, friendlies etc. may be played within our club.
o Acclimate players to build up towards competitive play. Train appropriately to reduce the risk of injury.
o No competitions i.e. league play or tournaments.
o No goal celebrations involving physical contact with others.
o No pregame/post game line-ups handshakes or fist bumps.
o Spectators allowed at the fields and must comply with social distancing to each other. Same applies to
the sideline- maintain six-foot distance from Assistant Referee and players.
 STAGE 3 Friendlies/Scrimmages in any Green counties. Typical pre-season type activity.
Higher Risk. Out of state travel not permitted. Increasing numbers and geography. (Teams will return
to playing in LARS, or CPYSL sanctioned events, normal game schedules)
o Typical pre-season activity may occur.
o Scrimmages, friendlies etc., may be played with clubs from any Green county.
o Local protocols and procedures should be shared with any visiting team.
o Play Days with multiple teams/clubs not recommend, but if held responsibly, must
o be within the limits of public gathering size.
o Strongly recommended to stay local.
o Limiting travel still recommended.
o No inter-state travel permitted. Must stay within Pennsylvania

 STAGE 4 All counties are green. Most government restrictions are lifted. Full and regular Highest Risk.
competitions may occur. Limited inter-state and regional travel recommended. (ex. tournament play may resume)
o Most Government restrictions have been lifted.
o Eastern Pennsylvania member leagues may operate in full and may accept out of state teams provided they
are from an open state and meet that state’s criteria to travel.
o Eastern Pennsylvania sanctioned tournaments may operate in full and may accept out of state teams
provided they are from an open state and meet that state’s criteria to travel. Also subject to restrictions on
public gathering size.
o Teams will be permitted to participate in out of state or regional leagues, provided the game will be played
in an open state.
o Teams will be permitted to participate in out of state tournaments provided the tournament will be played
in an open state.
o Be advised travel outside of your area is still comes with caution. Limited travel still recommended.
MTSC and Lancaster Elite – COVID 19 Safety Plan

Protocols Specific to all Competitive Games:
Specific to Players:
 Masks worn by players at all times.
 Minimize contact with other teams before, during and after each session.
 Players should arrive with a sanitized soccer ball, 2 masks, a labeled water bottle and hand sanitizer.
 Players keep their bags/belongings with them and sit 6’ apart. No benches are permitted on the sidelines.
 Goalies will need to have their own gloves for the season. No gloves will be provided by MTSC. No gloves should
be shared among players.
 Throw-ins are permitted. Once player returns to sideline, either the coach is to provide a squirt of hand sanitizer
of the player can get their own from their bag.
 Spitting is not permitted, and everyone is encouraged to cover their coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use the
inside of their elbow.
 Upon completion of the game, players should sanitize their hands and exterior of water bottles.
 No “handshake line” will be utilized after the games. Thank opposing team from 6’ distance.
 Players are to promptly return to car after the game to minimize the number of people on the field at one time.
Specific to Spectators:
 All spectators are to be wearing a mask when they exit their cars until they reenter their cars. Face shields are
acceptable if heat should be an issue.
 Spectators are not permitted to assist coaches, be in the bench area, or go out onto the field at any time including
if a player is injured.
In order to accommodate all families and still abide by the state mandates of social distancing and occupation limitations,
there is a new seating arrangement for the Fall Season:

MTSC and Lancaster Elite – COVID 19 Safety Plan
Sidelines: When Play resumes, MTSC and Lancaster Elite requests that at all home games, parents sit on the

sideline of their team where possible. (see field layout below)
 Home club will be on one side of the field with their spectators. The other side of the field will be for the
away team with their spectators. The halfway mark will divide the team from the spectators.
 The team will be stationed close to the goal area to allow for sufficient space away from spectators at the
halfway mark. It is strongly requested that spectators do not engage the coach or players. Spectators are
urged to resist the temptation to “help the coach” coach because you will be on the same side of the field.
 To allow for appropriate spacing between families, only 2 spectators per player will be allowed to sit along
the sideline and must wear a mask. 6’ apart from next family and back 6’ from the sideline. The 6’ distance
will be marked by a painted line on the sideline.
 Additional spectators are to sit in the next row 6’ back staggered to allow for optimal viewing.
 For teams with referees running the sidelines, please allow 6 feet of space between the referee and your
seats. Home field will have a spectator line painted 6 feet from both sidelines where space permits.
 Only 2 spectators per child are allowed to be positioned on the sidelines. All other spectators must social
distance behind the first row of spectators if needed. Masks must still be worn for all spectators. We highly
recommend any elderly or at-risk individual to communicable diseases do NOT attend any games.
 If for health reasons a spectator cannot safely wear a mask, they are not permitted at the sideline. They
must sit in a row behind all other rows sufficiently distanced from other spectators for their safety..
 Spectators are not to touch any ball that goes out of bounds, let a player or coach retrieve it.
 We ask that opposing teams avoid sitting on the home teams’ sideline and remain socially distanced from
the home teams’ spectators at all times.
 Parents are asked to not engage another parent about following protocols. We do not want the kids upset as
their world has already been turned upside down. If a protocol is not being adhered to, rather than creating
a distraction, it is recommended you move to a safe distance from them and they will be addressed as the
club sees fit.

Extended family members of players may come to the games. Please share these Spectator Protocols so there is not
confusion on game day and coaches can focus on the kids.

MTSC and Lancaster Elite – COVID 19 Safety Plan
Field Parking:
MTSC and Lancaster Elite has an appropriate amount of parking at our field locations. MTSC and Lancaster Elite will
request that game start times are staggered appropriately by league schedulers, where possible to limit the amount of
between game intermixing in the parking lot areas between groups of people.
MTSC and Lancaster Elite asks that you respect others individual space in parking lot settings.
 Wait for others to enter or exit their vehicles.
 Maintain social distancing while walking to and from the fields of play.
 Do not gather and converse in parking areas.
 Do not mingle following games. Please leave the game fields promptly following the end of the game. This will
limit the total number of people intermixing between game times.

Practice Drop Off/Pick up:
 When arriving at the field, please park as close possible to the training area.
 Players may only go onto the field once the coach arrives on the field to make sure players follow protocol.
 Players should walk directly to the field from their cars, maintaining 6 feet of space between themselves and
others and also wearing a mask or face covering. Players are to go to the field only after the coach arrives.
 Parents and siblings of players should avoid congregating in the parking lot area. Parents and siblings of players
are not permitted on the field or in the surrounding designated water-break locations.
 Spectators are not essential to training and not recommended to attend; however, parents of IM (U6/U8)
players are allowed to be on the side of the field, away from coaches/players. 6 feet between families must be
maintained at all times. We highly recommend any at-risk individual to communicable diseases do NOT
attend practices for U6/U8 (see below for U10-U19). Parents and immediate family members must wear a
mask when arriving and leaving the practice field and during practice. (Please wear face coverings or face shields
upon leaving the car until returning to the car). No spectators are permitted at any practices for U10 to U19.
MTSC and Lancaster Elite believes this plan meets the requirements for a safe return to play for the players and families.
Allowing a player to participate in youth soccer during this time is the sole discretion of the parent/guardian and the
parent/guardian is both understanding and assuming the potential risk involved with returning and participating in a
youth sports during the COVID-19 and any communicable disease. Having spectators at games and at U6/U8
practices (no spectators/parents are allowed at U10 to U19 practices) during this time is the sole discretion of the
parent/spectator and the parent/spectator is both understanding and assuming the potential risk involved with
watching youth sports during the COVID-19 and any communicable disease.
Pandemic. The parent/guardian has the discretion and right to keep their player from soccer activities as they see fit. It is also
the responsibility of the parents/guardians to help protect others and keep their player(s) home and reporting to the club, if
they believe they are sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick. By following these guidelines and accepting
responsibility where it is needed, we as a soccer community are believe we are able to provide a safe environment for our
players to safely return to play.
The complete MTSC COVID policy and action plan can be found on our website:
This information may be modified as mandates change.
The full list of associated symptoms can be found at:
Additional up-to-date information on COVID-19 is available from the CDC, PA Department of Health and Penn State Health
through the links below:


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